18 inch OZ wheels for BMW 3 Series

OZ submits their wheels to multiple tests to measure road stress. To detect minute flaws, wheels are put under pressure in a special water tank and scanned for flaws by X-ray. Further examination is done by computer and electron microscopes. Finally, an anti-corrosion treatment is given, followed by a protective lacquer coating and final cleaning. It is no surprise OZ works according to the stringent rules of T.U.V., the German control office.

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Ultraleggera Silver
OZ Ultraleggera 18 inch E90

Ultraleggera Black
OZ Wheels Ultraleggera Black 18 inch E90

Botticelli HLT
OZ 18 inch E90

Botticelli Silver
Oz Botticelli Silver 18 inch E90

Botticelli Black

OZ Botticelli Black 18 inch E90

Alleggerita HLT

 OZ Alleggerita HLT 18 inch E90